A distinctive feature

of our solution is that having created a Virtual BlockChain (VBC), you receive a separate API with its characteristics, applicable to other blockchains of our ecosystem.

On this page, you will be able to find technical documentation on the interaction with GectaHPC BlockChain using API & SDK.

API (Application Programming Interface)
is a complete toolset of application or system, developed for applying in different external program products. Defines functionality provided by the system (or service).
SDK (Software Development Kit)
is a development toolset that has a certain functional, fulfilling the requirements of applications, complex systems or platforms.

Thus, every partner of Gecta Computing Industries can learn the capabilities of the system, and clients can apply the source data through their own software aimed for further implementation within the frames of cooperation with Gecta Computing Industries.

The technical documentation will be available for downloading from GitHub exchange system within the nearest time.