Open Wallet

E-Wallet is an individual solution of storage and management of accounting units, adapted for each active blockchain within the unified system GectaHPC BlockChain.

With its own parameters, our E-Wallet allows you to store accounting units and make transfers between other members of the GectaHPC system. The main functions of this solution are the mutual settlement between the participants and the maintenance of your business processes

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The wallet registration procedure has been maximally simplified for your convenience. You no longer need to provide special data that you do not want to disclose.

We have optimized the process of generation of special keys, due to which opening and entering the wallet has become clear and convenient.

The wallet number contains a mask, with reference to one or another blockchain, that allows you to enter the system, using both primary (e-mail), and alternative aliases (login, phone number) with reference to the user private key.

The ability to store and convert accounting units from different VBC, within a single GectaHPC BlockChain.

The hardware router (gateway) of E-wallet wallet allows you to combine compute nodes using different types of protocols without disrupting the integrity of the network itself.